I got language fever…

Sooo ….. If there is one thing that I am obsessively passionate about … it’s languages. Ever since I was a wee lil boy, I have been obsessed with them. I remember going out as a preteen to the mall and then freaking out if I heard someone speaking a different language and running back home and hopping onto the Internet trying to learn a phrase at least.

Of course this also made me have major identity issues and sometimes I would start pretending that all these languages were my native languages … my parents detested this. Mainly this was ‘cuz I would have legitimate arguments with my parents in languages that they did not speak and I would expect them to understand: they still don’t understand me :P.  But thankfully, I had the opportunity to actually study a few languages in quite some detail and so now instead of making up fake words I can actually get my point across legitimately.

I remember becoming obsessed, for example, with Persian when I was 9 after I got introduced to the poet Rumi. My resources were pretty limited so I scrambled around on the internet trying to find a website that would teach me Persian (Farsi) for free. And praise that languages gods I found easypersian.com!!! I am pretty sure this period of my life was the most annoying for the people around me because I refused to have a complete conversation without inserting Persian phrases (broken phrases, mind you!) into every sentence.

Now I am 20 (going on 21 wohooo) and perhaps even weirder with regards to languages than before. The College has really fed my obsession and added fuel to the fire by providing me with 3 years of Arabic and refresher courses in French and Spanish … and I hear we are doing something with Swahili next year [watch out mom and dad … 🙂 ]

Bottom line … I don’t know what do with myself. I’ve come to the point where I have made a weekly schedule of languages and each day has its own language! [Today is Arabic Day] So each day I promise myself to only think in a certain language [horrible idea … I end up having to translate A LOT … especially when I’m writing in English like NOW]

… maybe I’ll start blogging in different languages now too .. haha .. that is for our polyglot audience out there! 😉

’til then….



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