Your Typical William and Mary Student

When I first saw the student blogs on William and Mary’s website, I never thought I’d be sitting here writing one. In fact, I didn’t even know what a “blog” was until one of my friends explained it to me after a state of bewilderment.

And when I got a chance to write a blog, and finally decided that a blog is kind of like a journal entry, well, here came the hard part: how to introduce myself to the rest of the blogosphere and the world.

I’d love to say that I’m just your average William and Mary student, but see, that would be lying. Because if I’ve learned anything in my almost two years here, it’s that there’s no such thing as an “average” student. In fact, each student has so many different hobbies, so many different club involvements, and so many different likes and dislikes that really, what exactly does “average” mean anyways?

So I guess I’ll start by saying that my name is Isshin Teshima. I’m half Japanese and half Taiwanese by birth, but I’m originally a Japanese citizen. I’m currently a government major (emphasis on the currently) and I’m strongly considering taking on Chinese as either a double major or a minor.

In terms of hobbies I love playing tennis, and I try to get a couple matches in with a good friend of mine from high school whenever I can. Sometimes, he tries to get me to play in inclement weather and I’m not quite sure what I think about that…. I love singing, though sometimes, I wonder if my hall-mates concur with that fact, and I love just playing video games with friends and having the occasional hearty laugh.

Daily life for me at the College is a hectic, non-stop run from classes, to homework, to meals, and to sleep. But the weird part about it is, I love every second of it. Part of what keeps me organized and looking forward to the next day is having a full and busy workload, and things to do on my agenda. Some people at the College would disagree with my agenda, but that’s what makes the College so great. It’s such a small school, yet it’s such a diverse group of people.

But enough about me for today, I really must get back to work. Homework hard fought today, just means that classes are a lot easier tomorrow.

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