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Staying involved on two campuses is one of the things I wish I could perfect. Among the few things that makes it hard to stay involved in Williamsburg while living in St Andrews, one being the ridiculous time difference and two being the whole not actually there in the physical, is the idea of fear of missing out. On campus at William & Mary, I’m a part of the Alma Mater Productions Special Events team and I tutored with the College Partnership for Kids at a local elementary school. While I can’t tutor anymore because I left, I was lucky enough to be allowed to be a part of AMP’s special events team while abroad.

The Special Events team meets every Sunday and while I can’t be there, I still get all the email updates and I can help with brainstorming and sending in ideas. I also can do some remote researching and flyer creation and I help to invite all my friends to the Facebook events (if you get invites from me and you’re confused just know I’m still a part of AMP). Being a part of an organization that allows me to still be active while abroad is so valuable and makes me feel as if I am still connected to the William & Mary campus. I wish I could be there to help staff the laser tag events and see the puppies at puppy cafe, but being a part of the process gives me a lot of purpose. The people on my committee are also just wonderful people who never forget to include me even though I’m across an ocean.

Being a part of two universities brings a lot of new experiences, especially for a programme that is only five years old, anything anyone does could possibly be the ‘first’ for the programme as a whole. The partnership between William & Mary and St Andrews goes to show the relationship I want from my experiences home and abroad. Taking part in two campuses and their unique cultures is hard sometimes, but rewarding in the end.

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