Chaotic Garages & Metro Trains

Hi Folks!

I hope this post finds you well and excited since the semester has finally begun! After having a rough adjustment week to the city living, I’m finally situated well enough to finally navigate my way around parking garages! The first few times I’ve tried to drive around the Buchanan’s parking garage, I was driving in circles for at least 20 minutes every time including the time to find my car and following the confusing signs to try to get out! Though overwhelming, I understood that this was no Williamsburg and this confusion was a part of the package I signed up for; “the City Life.” If it wasn’t for the other 9 students in the DC program struggling alongside me, I would probably be far far away lost somewhere due to my lack of knowledge when it comes to the DC metro. But thankfully,there’s an App for that!” and DC Rider: thank you for existing.

So far, life has been pretty busy with classes at the W&M DC office as well as starting my internship with Ashoka! Classes are pretty exciting as most of them are discussion based, and my internship has been the most exciting job I’ve probably had in a while! I get to meet and be in an environment of always happy, excited, and motivated people trying to, and actually making change in the world! I’m constantly excited about my work because I actually have the opportunity to help make these changes happen!

Between classes, and reading the materials for classes, and interning, I still find myself having time to discover all of the wonderful and worthwhile things to see and experience in DC. On that experience note: for this post, we have a guest quote from David Secor ’14 who adds:

“I’ve lived near DC for most of my life but I’ve never experienced the city like this. It’s been really cool exploring places off the beaten trail. Every neighborhood’s got its own character and I love finding out things to do and places to eat in parts of the city I’ve never been to before.”

My favorite by far, has been my visit to the Fish Market. As you can probably guess from that, I love and enjoy seafood – VERY MUCH. In result of this outing, I ended up buying a dozen live crabs and brought them back to the apartment to christen the apartment’s kitchen!

It’s only about three weeks in to the program and I can only imagine the experiences that will come from simply exploring what DC has to offer…while still graduating on time and getting the valuable skills and experience from doing a full time internship!

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