Chance Happenings

When you look back on things, how many times have you come across coincidences? Often? Maybe even too often? Or not ever at all?

To be quiet honest, I am a true believer in karma and all things superstitious…well I mean all in the loosest sense. Sometimes I can’t help but to give in to the urge to pick up that lonely penny with Abe Lincoln staring at you from the corner of his eye just emoting that you know you want him.

Whether you are a believer in luck, karma, or an inevitable fate, I hope you experience and appreciate all the chance happenings in your life. Some people write these incidences off as coincidences and leave them on the back burner, forever. I however, prefer to dive a little deeper. It was tonight that I arranged to do a strictly platonic massage session with amateur but might as well be professional—Dana McDonald (here I changed her name for confidentiality reasons). She is a dear friend who shares an optimistic outlook on life that I just can’t get enough of. While massaging each other (an activity I would highly recommend to everyone on this campus, especially during midterms or finals), we both uncover each others appreciation and admiration of the great artist, Sam Cooke. I probably listen to a song of Sam’s at least once a week because I truly feel that he sings to my soul. Coincidentally, Dana had listened to him earlier that week and while together, we ended up sharing life stories about how his music was such a minor but influential part of our lives. Before Dana, I have yet to meet someone else who was moved and infatuated with Sam as I have been since the first time I had heard one of his songs.

The point of me sharing all of this so far, is merely to ask you to dig a little deeper when coincidences happen to you. There is a huge part of me that would write off the coincidence of sharing admiration for an old time artist with Dana, but then the rest of me would like to believe that it was almost meant to be that we had met freshman year and were meant to be friends and share how our lives have been so intimately connected with Sam and his music. Chance happening or not, it is up to you to ignore it—or explore it.

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