Why I Love Being an Admission Intern

When I saw that the Admission Office was taking applications for their spring internship program, I jumped at the opportunity. I’d never had an internship before, or really any job that requires working in an office. As a sophomore, I’m in the heart of summer internship applications in Washington, DC, so I figured this position would give me invaluable experience. I also love the excitement and anticipation that comes with working with newly admitted students; it reminds me of the unbridled enthusiasm I felt in the months leading up to the start of my freshman year.

After accepting the internship, I was able to meet my fellow interns as well as the members of the admission team. I learned quickly that this is not your typical work environment. Between pot-luck lunches and Wednesday afternoon Nerf gun fights, the office is just so fun and inviting. Don’t get me wrong, there is a ton of work involved, whether it’s organizing volunteers, filing applications, or updating the website. We’re presented with a list at the beginning of the week of tasks to tackle, and it requires some serious teamwork and time management to get it all done. But it keeps me on my toes, and I’m always excited to get started on a new project.

At the end of the day, the work experience is not why I love this job. Of course it looks wonderful on my resume, and I’ve learned so many applicable skills, but there is so much more to this internship. I get to be a part of shaping the future of the College.

In just one month, newly admitted high school seniors and their families will flood the William & Mary campus for the Day for Admitted Students. As interns, we’re responsible for organizing student volunteers, getting groups to perform, decorating the campus and building up the hype for the big day. Through it all, we have the opportunity to shape the experiences of these newly admitted students. By doing our job well, we could have a hand in someone choosing to attend William and Mary. And that is a pretty incredible thought.

So I’m happy to file applications. I’ll make posters and banners until everything I own is covered in marker. And I’ll gladly get up at 5am on April 14th to make sure everything goes smoothly. Because I love my school, and I want every single admitted student who visits next month to love this school too. I know I can speak for my fellow interns when I say this has already been a fantastic experience, and we absolutely cannot wait to meet the newly admitted members of the Class of 2016!

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