It’s times like these when I remember why I went to a school in Virginia.

After an impossibly long winter, spring has come to the ‘Burg in full force. The days are warmer, the tulips are out, and the campus is crawling with students eager to shake off the winter blues. The gorgeous weather is also a reminder that the school year is rapidly coming to an end, meaning term papers and finals are right around the corner. Even though I probably should be working around the clock to finish the rest of my work, walking into Swem on a day as incredible as today just seems like a crime. So in honor of my procrastination, I’ve decided to compile a list of my favorite ways to spend a warm spring day at W&M.

Camp out on the terrace

If you want to snag a table, make sure to get there early, because they’re prime real estate on nice days. Sadler gets so much traffic that it’s impossible to not see at least a few people you know. If you’re not careful, you could spend hours sitting there just talking to friends as they walk by. But I guess that’s not really a bad thing, right?

Sunbathe at Matoaka Amphitheatre

The amphitheatre is definitely one of the most underappreciated sites on campus. Mostly, people don’t think to make the trip behind the Business School, but it only takes about ten minutes, and the view is breathtaking. Take a book and enjoy the quiet.

Take a run on the Fit Trail

Relieve some stress and break a sweat while getting some great views of Matoaka on the Fit Trail. The trail stretches from the Rec Center to just behind Dupont and is a great way to clear your head. While you’re there, take a breather on the dock behind the Keck Lab and enjoy the view!

Head to Jamestown Beach

Bribe a friend with a car and make the short trip down Colonial Parkway to Jamestown Beach. Walk down by the water and you’ll find tons of other W&M students, especially on a Friday afternoon. But since it’s so close by, anytime during the week is the perfect time to grab your towel and lounge on the sand.

People watch on the Sunken Gardens

Just about the entire campus congregates on the Sunken Gardens on warm afternoons. Almost every single type of W&M student is represented- you have professors on the steps with their classes, freshman halls throwing Frisbees and footballs, and friends having musical jam sessions. Others are just sunbathing and relaxing, or (amazingly) doing work. It’s by far the best place on campus to lose yourself people watching for a while.

Play volleyball on Yates field

Grab some friends and challenge a rival hall to some friendly competition on the sand court. Or just get a pick-up game started- there are always a few people lounging on the field willing to play. Although it’s not exactly Olympic beach volleyball, it can still get pretty competitive!

Cheer on outdoor sports teams

There are endless amounts of games in the spring for almost every team imaginable. The lacrosse, tennis, track, field hockey and even football teams all have spring games- and they’re always looking for fans. Work on your tan and show your Tribe pride as you support our athletes!

If you feel badly about leaving your study carrel around finals, I understand. My advice? Take a book with you so you can at least pretend like you’re doing work. But if you never open it, no one will have to know.  And I guarantee you won’t regret enjoying these fantastic spring days out and about on this amazing campus.

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