Tucker’s Visit

This week was chock full of craziness. I did a lot of work on next week’s hearing on Pakistan, which was very eye-opening.

The weekend was great. My friend Tucker came to visit on Friday night, and I made him a huge steak dinner complete with a nice bottle of Pinot Noir. We ate, and went to a potluck at one of the students’ apartments, which was nice.

Saturday was really busy. Tucker and I got all-day metro passes and went exploring in Georgetown, where we went to the infamous Georgetown Cupcake, and ate what we purchased on top of the “exorcist stairs.” After walking around a bit, we took the metro to Dupont Circle, where we got a picnic lunch. Then I showed him where I work and take classes, and we went on a long walk to the Capitol. We got some great pictures there, and we were pretty much exhausted, so we returned to my apartment. After some resting, we made hot dogs and went to Alexandria. I took Tucker to Bilbo Baggins in Alexandria and since the bartenders were ex-Marines, Tucker got a free beer. That place is literally the most fantastic place to go out for a beer. They have exotic stuff that you really can’t find ANYWHERE else.

Sunday was more of an R&R day. Tucker and I went to the gym in my apartment complex, and hung out. He took a long nap while I wrote up a background memo and did some research. Then I took him to Jaleo, a fun tapas restaurant. Tucker helped me do some baking that afternoon, and then he left to get back to camp because he deploys tomorrow.

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