One Week

I’ve only been interning for one week, but I’m in love with my internship. Today was my first day of insanity. As my new favorite person in the office tells me, I definitely have a type A personality, so I enjoyed the heck out of all the craziness. I ran back and forth from my office to the hearing room three times today and got some fun assignments to boot. Everyone is so nice to me, and I feel like a team member as opposed to an intern.

On a non-work note, it is FINALLY getting cooler. Thank goodness…running around meeting people of relative relevance is not exciting when there are beads of sweat dripping down my face. Yuck. Also, the coolness means that fall is coming and the leaves are going to start changing color. That will be amazing here. On the yellow line into and out of Crystal City, we pass over this bridge (not underground – atypical of the metro) surrounded on the CC side by a “forest” of huge trees. They will make a gorgeous backdrop for fall…

Tomorrow is 9/11, though, which could pose a problem in a couple of ways. The metro is rumored to be consistently congested on 9/11 due to the concentration of people going to memorials and the proximity of my stop to the Pentagon. Also, roads will be closed off all over the city, so there will be lots of traffic. At least I don’t drive! (I secretly love the metro, anyways. People watching can be a fun and relaxing way to cool down after work.)

And now the time has come for me to wind down for bed. My prayers are with everyone remembering a friend or family member lost in the tragedies of 9/11.

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