A Busy but Great Weekend

This weekend was really great. After class Friday, we had a tour of the Library of Congress. It was really beautiful and definitely looked like it would be helpful when I settled on a topic for my big end-of-term paper. There are a huge number of reading rooms in the LoC, so I don’t think I’ll ever have trouble getting help and doing work quietly. After the tour, a group of us went to see a concert at the Kennedy Center. The
National Symphony Orchestra was playing a Pops Concert with music from 1940s-1960s cinema. I feel like my friends and I were the youngest people there, but it definitely gave us our dose of culture for the day.

After the concert, we relaxed and watched tv to wind down. Good times…Saturday was pretty busy – a couple of the girls in my apartment and I went shopping at the Pentagon City mall in the morning. That place is HUGE! We got free makeovers and shopped at around 8 different stores for shoes. After a couple hours, we went back the apartment and ate.

Everyone who was around for the weekend went to HR-57 after dinner. HR-57 is this fantastic jazz club in between the U-Street and Dupont Circle metro stations. It’s BYOB and you only pay cover and a corking fee to drink. The jazz was really great, but I’m kind of an old lady, so I was dead tired when we got back at 2. I slept until noon the next day, actually, because I was so exhausted. I guess I should just stick to my
11 o’clock bedtime from now on…

Sunday was also pretty fun. I did a lot of cleaning and random stuff while a few of the girls went to church. From there, a group of us got together and went to the Adams Morgan Day festival. Talk about a fun time – there was live music, plenty of food, and vendors galore. The highlight was probably watching these three guys do karaoke to “Bye Bye Bye” with a semi-choreographed dance. I thought I would never stop laughing. Now it’s getting late and I am completely exhausted. Time for bed…

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