Yes, I did eat macaroni and cheese with President Reveley

Tuesday night was the annual Summer Supper hosted by the Charlottesville-Ashland’s Alumni chapter to welcome the newest class of Tribe members, and it was my third time attending the event.  As an incoming student the first year I was a little nervous but so excited to be involved in something William and Mary. The second year I was invited back to be on the current-student panel, and I had a great night of answering new student questions and catching up with old friends.  This year the student panel got bumped, reasonably so, by the presence of President Reveley, and I even got to sit next to him for dinner.  I spent most of dinner, however, talking to two of the alums next to me who were amazingly friendly and engaging. It was so comforting to see that the community atmosphere of William and Mary extends off the campus.  Each alumnus I spoke with was kind and wanting to connect.  One alumnus commented that when he was at college sitting at the table with the President would have been frightening, but he could see that wasn’t the case anymore. And it’s true- I was excited to get the chance to talk to Pres. Reveley, but like all of the “administrators” I have met on campus, he’s part of the Tribe so I was comfortable.  The point of the story is: I spent Tuesday night eating macaroni and cheese with my family, my Tribe family.

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