What Will You Stand Up For?

With Day for Admitted Students coming up this weekend and graduation in about a month, I’ve definitely been thinking a lot about William and Mary’s powerful ability to shape all who come here.  Four years from now admitted students who will this weekend be introduced to the Tribe culture, meeting so many amazing individuals and experiencing some of the best features of our college, will be Seniors, amazed at how quickly the time flew.

In the intervening four years, a lot will change for those students. They will learn so much from faculty, staff, fellow students, and others in the William and Mary community.  They will also learn so much about themselves: what matters to them, what inspires them, what in no way interests them (for me: Astronomy), what challenges them, and what makes them a part of this Tribe.

They will also learn what they are willing to stand up for. I’ve already blogged briefly about the Stand Up Campaign, but today I want to share with you a video that represents just a few of the things William and Mary students are willing to stand up for.

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