Top 10 Things About Being A PFOA

This year I had an incredible time staffing Orientation as a Programming and Family Orientation Aide.  Here are a few highlights in no particular order.

1. A giant game of “Telephone” that left us falling out of our chairs-literally

2.  A long debate over whether we should focus on quantity or quality when buying ice-pops

3. Free ice-cream at every event (We even made our own ice-cream at one mixer)

4.  Starting a massive dance party at the Rec Center and pretty much anywhere we went

5. Speaking of dance parties, enjoy this clip of us performing a quickly created and very entertaining dance routine that we presented to the entire entering class:

6. Having incredible PFOA directors (!!) that provided us with clean shirts every morning and no end of comedic relief

7.  Getting to choose our own Orientation accessory and settling on fannypacks and foam visors

7a.   A night of puffy painting on said accessories

8. Getting to walk around chanting things like “P-PFOA, Wearing FannyPacks All Day” and “We Are Family, All My PFOAs and Me”

9.  Being absolutely exhausted by fully-scheduled long days, but still being so excited to wake up the next morning

10. Meeting all of the incredible Orientation staff and the amazing new members of the TRIBE


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