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It’s the end of the fall semester of my Senior year. Really I should make this list at the end of next semester, but I fear that the craziness of graduation(!) might distract me.  So I’ll take some time now to post just a few thoughts of gratitude from this past semester.  (Like any winner at the Oscars will tell you (yes, I am ludicrously comparing myself to Halle Berry, Meryl Streep, and the like) there are always so many more people to thank, but the orchestra has started playing.)  Apologies for the slippages in parallel structure, but I hope reading this give just a little sense of all there is to appreciate at William and Mary.

Thank you to the campus for reminding me with your brick pathways,  open fields,  piles of leaves, early snows, and trees to sit in, that college is a beautiful place to be.

Thank you to the classmates who indulged my tendency to blather on and provided me so many new perspectives to consider.

Thank you to Gmail for telling me that I’m about to send an email to one of my student groups even though I’ve forgotten to add that attachment I mentioned.

Thank you to my advisor who provides no end of support, guidance, and humor throughout my endeavor to create an honors thesis.

Thank you to Mortar Board for putting up with my overly colorful and bolded emails.

Thank you to my house-mates for baking cookies, making pancakes, and watching reality television with me.

Thank you to my Orientation Directors who washed our uniforms every night.

Thank you to my Ballroom Dance partners for putting up with my love of the John Travolta hip-point.

Thank you to the friends who bought me ice-cream and gave me hugs in the face of rejection.

Thank you to the freshmen advisor who still checks in on me and reminds me how much I’ve grown.

Thank you to the friends who brought me on random adventures in corn fields and old-style diners and so many other wonderful places.

Thank you to the friends who let me drag them on random adventures of game-nights and snow-fights.

Thank you to the group of incoming students who taught me the game “Signs.” *fox-hand-gesture*

Thank you to the construction workers who made The Terrace actually be terraced.

Thank you to Inter-Library Loan for patiently pointing out to me that my request is already in Swem.

Thank you to the couch in OCES for always lulling me into a nap when I need it.

Thank you to the Dining Staff that makes sure I’m eating more than instant pasta and PB&J.

Thank you to the professors who make bad jokes and insert silly pictures into their slideshows to hold our attention, even though I am already captivated by the knowledge you have to share.

Thank you to the friends who stay up late just because I want an audience for my thoughts sometimes.

Thank you to the Internet because there are so many reasons I couldn’t survive college without you.

Thank you to the people on campus who don’t look at me like I am a total freak when I start arguing with the squirrels about who has the right of way.

Thank you to the members of TRAIN for cupcakes, bad puns, and the best email-reply to a prank ever.

Thank you to the friends who walked with me as I tried to figure out my day, my life, the world.

Thank you to the Seniors who have come before me—I miss you.

Thank you to the strangers I pass between classes who sometimes say the funniest things or compliment my outfit.

Thank you to the friends, professors, and strangers who sent me every kind of reference available about marriage for inclusion in my honors thesis.

Thank you to the Griffin for being just so adorable.

Thank you to the professors of semesters past who still let me crash their office hours because I just want to chat.

Thank you to the visitors who came on my tour for laughing at my corny jokes and letting me relive my own entrance to the College every week.

Thank you to this blog for giving me a forum to mostly engage in good-natured narcissism but also show some appreciation.

Thank you to the College of William and Mary for being my home.

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