My Own Little Soap Box

One of the coolest and most daunting parts of my job comes every Monday afternoon: sending out ‘the listserv.’ Crafting a message that goes out to over 2,500 recipients (mostly students but also alumni, community partners, faculty, staff, and really anyone who wants to subscribe – email if you want to be added :p) – is both empowering and intimidating. Most of the email is a list of community engagement opportunities like volunteer needs, film screenings, non-profit jobs, and service trips. The first paragraph(s), however, are mine to produce.  Usually themed around an event or issue that’s been on my mind relating to community, I recognize that these listservs have become my own personal soapbox to share information, provide a different perspective, and encourage others to engage.  I share questions, stories, facts, quotes, and plenty of hyperlinks to music videos I attempt to somewhat thematically link to my message.

While creating the listserv is my platform to speak, one of my main goals is creating a platform for students to speak and share their voices, which was the theme of this week’s listserv as we are in the midst of the Stand Up Campaign.  Here’s what I wrote:

This afternoon students literally stood on milk crates to take a stand for issues they believe in (They’ll be at the Crim Dell again on Thursday) and throughout the week there are events about social entrepreneurship, faith & service, community gratitude, and self-care–all so we can stand up for issues we believe while learning from each other. 

I know I ask something of you almost every week, and today is of course no different. I am asking you to show upto Stand Up, and to Speak Up.  We are each not alone in our struggles, choices, and hopes to make change so let’s be purposeful about coming together.  Below is a list of Stand Up events as well as a lot of other opportunities to connect—take a stand and join in.

P.S. I couldn’t decide which song to hyperlink this week, so take your pick.

I’ll give you a full recap of all the awesome Stand Up events next week, but here are a few photos just because I am so inspired by our students.

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