Making My Outfit Matter

Normally I stop myself from the vanity of reporting about my outfit, but today is different. Today, over 300 students (myself included) made a very conscious fashion decision by wearing matching t-shirts. Here’s mine…

Making my outfit matter

In case you can’t read it, (sorry, my computer camera isn’t that awesome) the shirt says: “gay? fine by me.” Yesterday, the Lambda Alliance at William and Mary gave out hundreds of these shirts with the request that all the recipients wear them today to show their support for the LGBT community.

As I walked across the Sunken Gardens, swiped into my dorm, and grabbed a meal in our dining facility, it was truly amazing to see all the students in identical attire (well, actually there was a wide range of color choices).   Witnessing my campus take even this small action made me so happy, excited, and proud. One of the best moments was running into a friend who wasn’t wearing the same t-shirt. She was really upset she hadn’t had a chance to get one (usually they run out in an hour or two because the event is so popular) and grateful she wasn’t a senior so she could participate next year.

While it was a coordinated effort today, I’m already looking forward to laundry day so I’ll have a chance to wear my awesome t-shirt again.

Also, if you’re interested in other LGBT initiatives on our campus check this out!

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