Living Our Values

With Daily Work of Justice in full swing, The Active Citizens Conference fast approaching, and my weekly meetings with Aim 4 students, my mind and attention are pulled in many directions. Enter the trusty to-do list. Each time I cross off an item, I celebrate what has been accomplished and also why it matters.

In OCE we are focused on living out the updated mission, vision, and values of the university. For us that starts with the official university value of service“We engage with individuals and communities both near and far, devoting our knowledge, skills, and time to serving the greater good.

While serving the greater good is at our core, we also continue to lead with all of our institutional and office values in the forefront.

  • Our Daily Work of Justice conversation series centers individuals’ lived experiences, engaging with respect and curiosity to increase a sense of belonging for all.
  •  We build community partnerships with integrity, prioritizing community needs through work plans and partner feedback.
  •  We incorporate practices of well-being into our programs to promote flourishing for student and community participants.
  •  Our student development model of active citizenship cultivates the skills of continual learning, effective direct action, and critical self-reflection which are fundamental to excellence.

Living our values is a continuous process that helps us all. If you want to reflect on how these values play out in your life and our communities, join one of the four dinner dialogues I am hosting this semester. Our conversations will focus on belonging, integrity, curiosity, and the greater good. You can find all of them on the OCE events page.

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