To All the Incoming Students Who Are Petrified

To all the incoming students who are petrified, unbelieving you’re ready for this, and just trying to make it through Orientation without crying in public—I know how you feel.

Eight years ago, as my family checked into the hotel on the night before move-in, I was in a state of shock, wondering what foolish college admission officer thought I could handle William & Mary.  But the next day as I was hauling my bags to the third floor of Spotswood with shaking knees, I met the first of my hall-mates, and my William & Mary life began.  It’s been eight years and counting of W&M bringing the most amazing people to cry, laugh, learn, and grow with into my life.

To all the terrified young souls in Williamsburg tonight, I feel you, and welcome to the family.

P.S. Welcome to the non-terrified new Tribe members as well 🙂

Freshman Hallmates

Can you tell that I’m really surprised by all these cool kids willing to take a picture with me?


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