How to Join the Tribe and Still Be a Patriot

One of my high-school teachers told me that college students stop returning to their high schools after their freshman year. I probably get too much satisfaction out of rejecting that statistic. I still love going back. High-school years weren’t perfect, and I was ready to graduate when the time came, but returning to my alma mater is always a great experience. Graduating from the home of the Patriots, I left some incredible teachers and friends that gave me the support to make it to William and Mary. Going back provides a chance for me to see them again.

I return to the school once a year on “official business,” acting as a Home for the Holidays Ambassador by talking to other Patriots about my experiences at the college. On top of that, however, I like to head to the old alma-mater whenever I have a break at home. Walking through the halls is slightly eerie, but it’s nice to return to a place I feel I can always call my own. Coming back also gives me perspective on how different college life can be.

I was sitting in a classroom talking to an old teacher when the loud-speaker came on, and it suddenly seemed odd to me that loud-speaker’s rather than emails were the main means of campus announcements. The idea of staying inside for six hours a day rather than walking from class to class with a stop on the Sunken Garden seemed so out of place. Bells ringing and students rushing through the halls felt like a part of my very distant past.

I love returning and visiting with old teachers, reminding them of how amazing they are, and I love walking down the hallways remembering all the high-school experiences that led me to W&M. While I can’t imagine going back to high-school for my daily life, going back for a day reminds me of how much I’ve gained.

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