I try not to give advice too often, but I’ve been thinking about it for a while and on this piece I think most of my college friends will back me up.  For those of you enjoying your last home summer before college-soak up as much of it as you can. Perhaps some of you see college as the scariest adventure you’ve ever undertaken or maybe you consider it the great escape, but wherever your perspective, college is different than home and there are some things you can only do at home.

For example, while I am home this summer I am resuming my work as a foster parent for the SPCA.  I have three very adorable fuzzy kittens sleeping on my bed right now-something not feasible when living in a door room. Cuddly little kittens that like to lick your face are quite enjoyable but not college friendly.

Take time to enjoy home-food.  My mother makes a mac’n’cheese and chicken casserole that–no matter the skill of our dinning services staff–will never be offered on campus.  I’m from Charlottesville and fresh Bodo’s bagel sandwiches float into my mind some days at William and Mary and there’s nothing to do. There are just some foods you can’t get in the ‘burg.  My favorite food in Charlottesville is chicken teriyaki from a hole in the wall Asian café.  I make sure to go at least once when I’m home because it’s just so tasty.

Enjoy a drive around the town. Most of you won’t have a car on campus, and even if you do, get ready for a very pedestrian lifestyle. I like that I can walk to wherever I need on campus, but coming home to a car is pretty great.  I love blasting the radio, (especially some solid Miley Cyrus power ballads) running errands, and realizing I will never master the parallel park.  I’m not saying to use all your money on gas, but take the time to go to those places only found in your hometown.

College is a whole new world, and soon enough you may begin to think of William and Mary as a second home, but I hope you take the time to appreciate the hometown you already have. I know I’m going to stuff myself on Bodo’s and go play with my kittens.

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