Entering with Expectations

Hello Again W&M Blogosphere,

I know I should be regaling you with stories from my summer (which was amazing) or giving you the inside scoop on ‘Operation Return to William and Mary as an Americorp’ which officially begins in 8 days,  but as I was packing up my room for the move back to Williamsburg, I found an old spiral notebook of mine and I really wanted to share what’s written on the first page under the title “College Diaries:”

“…A week and a day is what I’ve spent at college so far. It feels both longer and shorter at the same time. Longer because I feel comfortable here, like I know what I’m doing and I can take care of myself. Shorter because it’s hard to imagine living here for a semester–it still feels slightly like summer camp.

This is 2 weeks into freshman year as I excitedly show Grace how cool it is to “sit on the wall.” Yes, I was/am that cool

When I thought about reflecting on college a week in this is not at all how I expected to feel.  I can’t really remember feeling exactly like this before which I think is what proves that college truly is a unique experience. I think I expected this rush of everything. I was waiting to be overwhelmed by crazy college living, piles of books, and a hall full of hyper girls. Yet the best thing about college so far is the calm of independence. I can choose to do as I wish. Yes, at home I was  sort of independent, but here the independence is greater because the opportunities are too.

It’s my first real Saturday night at W&M, and I’m in my room watching a movie–and it’s where I want to be.  No one is telling me I should be out doing anything. So much pressure is gone, and that’s really great….”

There are over 1,000 new Tribe members who soon enough will be a week and a day into their W&M experience ready to reflect on whether those first few days matched their expectations.  I am excited to begin learning the  stories of the Class of 2015 , and I am so grateful that day after day for the past four years William and Mary well exceeded my high-expectations.

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