Always Do What Your Boss Tells You

Obviously, it’s generally a good idea to follow your boss’ instructions if you want to be successful at work, but I’ve discovered that listening to my boss also makes me much more successful at life.  That’s because I’m lucky enough to work with Sandra Brooks behind the front desk at Admissions.

I’ve been involved with Admissions since I became a Tour Guide sophomore Year, (check out the Tour Guide blog) but I didn’t become a Phone Worker until this past fall.  Over the past few months I have perfected the delivery of the following phrase “Office of Undergraduate Admissions, this is Elizabeth.” (For years I mocked my dad for using what I called his “work voice” every time he took a business call, but I have a sneaking suspicion I am developing a work voice of my own.) I do my best to then answer whatever questions come my way, although sometimes I have to transfer the caller to one of our deans on duty or ask Sandra for guidance.  And Sandra always has it. It never ceases to amaze me how well she understands the workings of the office and the admission process.  But even more impressive is her knowledge of Williamsburg and how to really get  the most (for the least) out of the area.

I’ve loved getting sandwiches from the Cheese Shop even before I was a student at W&M, but it wasn’t until I started working with Sandra that I learned that Wednesdays are %10 off for students.  Last Tuesday, however, I was quite hungry for my “usual”–BBQ on ciabatta–and mentioned my plan to walk into Colonial Williamsburg, fill up my CW mug (best deal ever! You buy the mug and then for an entire year get free refills of cider, hot chocolate, lemonade, and even ice-cream in the summer) and then grab Cheese Shop. Sandra was quick to scold me for getting Cheese Shop on a Tuesday without the discount, and I think the Universe agreed with her because after making the mile walk to my favorite cider stand, they were closed! I get it Universe–never stray from the wisdom of Sandra.

The best insider knowledge I have gained from her is definitely $5 movie nights.  I’m not a big theater person in general, but it seems particularly underwhelming when I am paying over $10 for my cinematic experience.  On Tuesday, however, films are only $5 all day! This means on Mondays Sandra and I discuss which films just premiered, what’s gotten the best review, and which one we’ll actually see.  Last Tuesday a friend and I went to a $5 film, and I got a little tap on my shoulder during the previews from none other than Sandra who was sitting right behind me! This afternoon I will be spending $5 to watch Justin Bieber inspire me with his life story and musical genius (I’ve already written about how well I know him).  If any of my friends are cool they’ll come along, but even if they don’t it will be a great use of my $5 and a fun way to spend a Tuesday.

So moral of the story:  Always listen to your boss or the universe will punish you and Justin Bieber will be sad.

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