The Top 5 Things to Know When Living With a Roommate

This summer, for the first time in a year, I have the privilege of living with two roommates. Growing up as an only child, I will admit that I was spoiled when it came to having my own room, and that my first two years here at the College were a bit of a challenge because I was no longer the only person living with my day-to-day quarks. In light of my housing assignment for the summer, I decided to look back upon my freshman and sophomore year experience with roommates, and therefore now share this “knowledge,” with all of you:

5. Roughly know their schedules: Sometimes you might want to have friends over or watch a Glee marathon, and your roommate might have a paper due the next day. Make sure you plan and check events like these with your roommate ahead of time to avoid a conflict, or worse, a disappointed roommate because they themselves cannot participate.

4. Include your roommate in activities: It is easy to get caught up in your own activities, but try to include your roommate when applicable. If they know that they are welcome, they will feel more accepted and appreciate the gesture.

3. Know your roommate’s boundaries: Some people are not open to sharing clothes, while others will let you borrow whatever you want. Make sure that you understand the room rules as set when you sign the roommate agreement. Not only are all people different, but all people are different types of roommates. Its best, if unsure what to do in a situation, to discuss the issue with  your roommate first before acting or becoming passive. Always check back with the roommate or the roommate agreement if unsure.

2. Talk to your roommate about the needs of the room: Your roommate might already have a microwave, a fridge, and a T.V., while you might have a fantastic sound system along with every single recorded by Justin Bieber on your iPod. Knowing what the other roommate already has before you move in can save you loads of time, money, and otherwise wasted energy.

1. Respect your roommate: Respect for space, respect for time, and respect for that person: these are all important things to keep in mind when living with someone. It’s not just your room, so always think about how you might want to be treated.

Hopefully, these tips might help me, and others, cultivate beautiful relationships with one’s roommate(s).

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