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Many people you meet throughout your life will claim to “love food” or be a “food enthusiast” and I for one think of myself as at the forefront of this subset. So you can imagine how elated I was to hear about the novel food options just moments away from completion of Tribe Square on Richmond Rd. Until yesterday no one had any idea what was moving in there. The anticipation on campus, especially amongst the interns, was palpable, as illustrated by numerous desperate Facebook posts on various W&M Facebook pages. The student body was becoming rowdy, and for lack of a better word, hungry, to know who would be gracing us with their delicious eats come Fall 2011. Why the excitement? Since I came to campus in 2008 and doubtless before, there has been a general consensus that late night dining options are somewhat underwhelming. And by underwhelming I mean limited, and by limited I mean Wawa, Dominos, or you’re going home hungry. There is an accepted rumor among students that our Wawa is the highest grossing (or 2nd highest – depending on who you talk to) Wawa on the East coast. And while I do love Wawa, with its plethora of options for 24 hours sustenance, I’m ready for more. In true William and Mary fashion, our voices have been heard, action has been taken, and oh so soon four new delectable dining options will be available. To the happiness of our student body, each store must remain open until least 1 am.

In an intense moment, laden with anticipation, three of the four new eats were released yesterday. Drum roll please… The Crust (a college friendly take on a upscale Williamsburg restaurant Bakers Crust), Subway Café (a hybrid subway and coffee shop) and, my personal favorite, Pita Pit. Admittedly I’ve never actually had Pita Pit, but from what I’ve heard and from the picture my imagination and taste buds have painted, I foresee myself dropping too much money on their Middle Eastern inspired faire. All I have to say to these new members of the Williamsburg family are that you are welcome with open arms and rumbling bellies.

I applaud the masterminds behind “ Tribe Square.” Williamsburg is not merely a tourist Mecca and the local economy should reflect that. Tribe Square represents a step in the right direction, as students and neighbors embrace the opportunities that each other offer. So I invite my fellow students and Williamsburg neighbors alike to dig in!

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