The Epic Dilemma of the Lunch/Dinner Time Decision

Williamsburg is a fantastic place, and one of the reasons supporting this claim is the almost infinite amount of food choices one has here. A common conversation might go like this.

Jason:  “AHH, I am starving. Where do you guys want to eat?”

Steve:  “I could go anywhere, where do you want to eat?”

Allison:  “Doesn’t matter to me…”

Then the group of ya’ll will literally look at each other awkwardly for the next 3 minutes because no one can make a decision on where to eat.  There are so many choices and personally,  I am too indecisive to make such a grand decision.

If a person wants Mexican there is Chipotle, Qdoba, Moe’s, South of the Border, Plaza Azteca, and Taco Mexicana. These actually are not the only options for you.  Personally, Chipotle is my go-to Mexican place.  I should have a membership there and seriously it is almost at the point where I can walk up to the counter and say “the usual.”

Mama Mia you want some Italiana?! Well then the chicken parmesan at Sal’s could be the fix for you. Other places such as Carrabbas, Olive Garden, and Milano’s are at your choosing.

Across campus there are also great options for food! The Crust is a great, relaxing place to order great salads, sandwiches, and pizza.  Also, at Tribe Square there is Pita Pit, Subway, and Mooyah. The College Delly, Paul’s Deli, and the brand new Brickhouse Tavern are also within 30 paces of College. Last, but not least, Burger Night is a main attraction for dinner because of the half-price burgers that are sold every Monday night at the Green Leafe, not to mention the Trivia contest that happens at the same time.

One of my favorite spots in Williamsburg is the famous Pierce’s Barbeque! Their pulled pork sandwiches are amazing and the sweet tea will cool you off on a hot summer day. And for all of you college budget spenders who try to get the best bang for your buck, almost every fast food chain has a restaurant in Williamsburg.

I have mentioned about probably only 15 percent of the dining options in Williamsburg which explains why the decision on where to eat might be as hard as figuring out an integral problem in your Calculus class.  To be honest, I set up a bracket (like march madness) that consisted of 8 restaurants.  I then flipped a coin for each match-up and the top team advanced if it was heads and the bottom team advanced if it was tails.  It was actually more suspenseful and less lame then you think. All in all, you will never be left with limited dining options in the great city of Williamsburg. (By the way, after dinner, check out Sweet Frog or Rita’s for your dessert!)

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