Warm weather is back again…

After an incredibly beautiful winter (complete with three snowstorms!), spring is beginning to make its appearance! Though I’m not usually too fond of cold weather, I loved the way that the snow turned Colonial Williamsburg into a snowglobe-like winter wonderland!

So although I do miss the snow, which has melted away in this gorgeous 75-degree weather, there are so many things that I’m looking forward to enjoying this spring that I can’t regret that winter is over–especially because the taverns of Williamsburg are reopening!  They were closed for much of the winter (the slowest tourist season), but they’re now back–hurray!

In my opinion, every W&M student should have a meal at the taverns at least once.  It is true that their price ranges tend to be slightly above those that college students tend to pay, but you don’t go just for the food, you go for the entire experience!  Who doesn’t love a candlelit dinner while minstrels serenade you with all the hottest hits of the 18th century?

Ladies and gentlemen, I present you with four delicious dining options that are sure to impress you and your esteemed guests:

  • Christiana Campbell’s Tavern – “George Washington was a faithful customer of this establishment known for Giving Satisfaction to Travelers and Townspeople with a Taste for Seafood. Today, the tavern serves dishes inspired by those the founding father would have enjoyed during his travels throughout the colonies.”
  • Chowning’s Tavern (note: it’s pronounced CHOO-ning, not CHOW-ning!) – “Josiah Chowning opened his tavern in 1766 and appealing to the ‘ordinary sort.’  Today’s diners can partake of freshly prepared lunch fare featuring stew and sandwiches served by a gracious wait staff.”
  • The King’s Arms Tavern – “After Jane Vobe opened the King’s Arms Tavern in 1772, it became one of the town’s most genteel establishments. Present-day diners can savor traditional southern fare, sumptuous desserts, and after-dinner cordials in surroundings an 18th-century traveler would recognize.”
  • Shields Tavern – “In the early 1740s, James Shields assumed proprietorship of the tavern that his father-in-law had operated several decades earlier. Tavern guests today dine on southern comfort foods inspired by ‘colonial receipts.'”

(all descriptions from Colonial Williamsburg’s official dining website)

So, dear readers, I hope to see you soon at one of these delightful establishments!  As always, please feel free to [[cwhouse,drop us a note]] or contact us on Facebook with any questions or requests that you may have.  We really do love hearing from you!

Enjoy the sunshine!
Until next time,

Joy Thomas

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