Pictures from our Pumpkin Decorating Halloween event!

Grace McGlade and Addie Alexander dressed up for their Halloween event!

Our "Witches Brew" punch

Grace with students painting mini pumpkins as they watch "Hocus Pocus"!

Want to learn more about the history of pumpkins and the origins of Halloween? Check out this CW link!
“Halloween scares students into festivities”- Flat Hat article by Laura Manzano
Our event:

The William Randolph Lodging, also known as the CW house, is home to two seniors given the task of strengthening the bond between the College and CW. The seniors who are selected by a committee of Colonial Williamsburg Foundation representatives and administrators of the College. Addie Alexander ’11 and Grace McGlade ’11 host events in this quaint location, and they wanted students to enjoy the beautiful fall weather in CW at their Halloween event.

“Especially living in the spirited colonial area, Addie and I thought it would be very fitting to celebrate one of our oldest holidays,” McGlade said. “We thought it would be nice to have a fun Halloween activity open to all students, something that many people used to do when they were younger.”

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