Our Colonial Garden Has Started to Bloom

Colonial Williamsburg is getting back into full swing! The weather is becoming more and more beautiful each day, the trees are budding, and the period-appropriate rose bush in our backyard is starting to come to life! I love watching the seasons slowly changing and there’s no better place to do so than in CW. I personally like stopping by the Colonial Nursery on my way home each day to see how much the plants have grown (the cabbages are looking great by the way).

I’ve listed a few suggestions below of things you should do to get ‘out and about’ and enjoy the season.

March is Women’s History Month: CW celebrates the contributions of women of the 18th century to the history of our nation with programs including scenes, tours, programs and special presentations.

Go on a walking tour!! You’ll find plenty of opportunities to learn about topics like gardening, archaeology, or other aspects of Colonial Williamsburg. Among the guided activities offered:

  • Gardens of Gentility: Discover how gardens reflected status and wealth in the 18th century
  • Rubbish, Treasures, and Colonial Life: The Archaeology Labs:
  • Every Tuesday, these tours cover the history of archaeology at Colonial Williamsburg and highlight artifacts and other evidence from more recent excavations.
  • Interact with archaeologists and learn about excavation techniques, curatorial efforts, and the functions of various labs.
  • Tavern Ghost Walk: Learn of the ghosts that still haunt the taverns and historic buildings of Colonial Williamsburg
  • Through the Garden Gate: Venture through garden gates and discover how the gardens were restored and how we keep learning about colonial plants and gardens.

And if you’re interested in gardens, stay up to date by checking out the CW Gardens Blog- http://whatsnew.history.org/topics/gardens/

Find other events in Colonial Williamsburg by going to http://www.history.org/visit/eventsAndExhibits/calendar/index.cfm#show_undefined

Also, the Colonial Williamsburg House is planning lots of events for the rest of the semester. Joy and I are ready to pull out all the stops during our last semester here at W&M (and our last semester living in our beautiful house!)

CW House Upcoming Events:

  • April 10th. 2-4pm. ‘De-Stress in CW’ Open House- Take a study break and enjoy a walk through the beautiful Colonial Williamsburg. Stop by the CW House for healthy snacks and coffee!
  • Visits to the Colonial Tradespeople- We’ll take tours and see the milliner, tailor, weaver, printer, and others!
  • Month of April- Attend various events that celebrate ‘Religion Month’ including lectures, re-enactments, and musical programs.
  • Keep posted to our blog or join our mailing list to learn about more events.

Also, we would love to announce the CW House residents for 2010-2011: Addie Alexander and Grace McGlade!!!! We’re so happy for them, and are looking forward to hearing about all the great events that they plan on offering next year!

That’s all for now! You’ll be hearing from us again soon!!


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