Colonial Williamsburg’s Newest Residents

Hi! This is Joy and Katherine’s first blog post for the CW House! We are so excited to be living in Colonial Williamsburg this year, and our first few weeks here have been amazing! We are going to use this blog to post our experiences, news, and other fun things about CW. We’ll also let you guys know about programs we plan throughout the year. So far we’ve had a Orientation Open House where freshmen and transfers got the chance to see and hear about our house and sign up for our listserve (and if you want to sign up, then just shoot one of us an email and we’ll add you!). This coming week we are planning one of our “Tradesmen” visits that we hope to do monthly. Below is a tentative calendar for this semester of our upcoming events.

–        Saturday September 19th- Tradesmen Event

–        Saturday September 26th 2-4pm – Parent’s Weekend Open House

–        Saturday in Mid- October (mid-term time) – De-Stress in CW Program

–        October 29-30th- Ghost Tour Promotion Event

–        Saturday November 21st – Charlton’s Coffeehouse Opening

–        Sunday December 6th- Grand Illumination Open House

Other than program planning, we’ve been having a great time getting used to living in Colonial Williamsburg. Each morning we wake up to the sound of horse-drawn carriages going by in front of our house. We also keep a bowl of apples to feed to the horses that live in the field across the street! And we definitely enjoy the intrigued and curious looks from tourists every time we come out of the house or open the cellar or lock the door using our HUGE skeleton key that was forged at the blacksmiths.

That’s all we have for now! Keep checking our blog for more updates. If you have any questions, you can send us an email: our usernames are ‘jatho2′ and ‘kagoul’. Thanks so much, and you’ll hear from us again soon!

Joy Thomas & Katherine Goulde

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