Settling in again

I’ve been living in my same off-campus house at William & Mary for 2 years now and I’m just starting my senior year here. It’s pretty rare to live in the same house for more than a year here, but I’m so happy I’ve done it. Since the beginning of sophomore year, none of my furniture has even been moved around. It’s so comforting that now I have a home at home as well as a steady home at school. This peace-inducing notion is about to be thrown unceremoniously out the window. I’m a senior, remember?? I’m not going to be living here forever.

I just applied to my first job last week- an entry-level position at Sony Music in New York City. It has nothing to do with International Relations, Hispanic Studies, international development, or any course I’ve taken in school. More than anything though, I want to work in the music industry and do something unique and different. As terrifying as everyone says it is, I’m absolutely stoked. I’m living in such a happy place right now- one where the present is cool and the future will be awesome.

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