Meandering Through Nicaragua

After a few arduous weeks of traveling, I just arrived in Leon, a friendly city in the heart of Nicaragua. Tomorrow we’re thinking about going to Cerro Negro, a volcano close by that you’re allowed to “volcano board” down. I am confident I’ll end up in stitches afterwards, but it sounds like too cool of an opportunity to pass up.

Since I posted last, we’ve traveled hundreds of miles on several different buses down from Guatemala, through Honduras, and to our current home of Leon. I spent a few days visiting the Students Helping Honduras headquarters in El Progreso, Honduras, to check up on my friend Shin, the founder, and to see my old pals from the village. We were greeted with a really warm welcome. We also got to see the progress on several new buildings in the community—a new children’s home which opens near Thanksgiving, and a volunteer hotel, allowing guests to stay in the village during their service trip. Very exciting progress in Progreso.

In a few days we’ll be heading to Costa Rica to meet my girlfriend, who is flying down to meet us up in San Jose for a little Thanksgiving vacation. We’ve heard it’s a bit more expensive than the rest of the country, but hey – I only spent $2.50 on my lunch today, so I think I deserve to treat myself.

And, as promised, here is a picture. I had to rock the William & Mary tee. This is from Semuc Champey, a subject in my previous post. Enjoy!

Peace. Hasta la proxima.





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