First Apartment: The Reprisal of the Collegiate “No Parents!” Sentiment

I remember it clearly. Like it was just yesterday. My first morning and William & Mary. The freedom! The opportunity! The nausea! Oh wait, that was the second morning.

Anyway, the feeling was electric. To be on your own, making your own decisions, and doing things your own way. However, as with anything else cool in life, the buzz fades after a while. You get accustomed to a new lifestyle and what once seemed novel now seems normal. By senior year, everyone kind of seemed jaded by the whole thing.

But, as always, life has its funny little ways of reinvigorating you. All it takes is a little change.

Reveling in the mornings

For me, this change has been my new apartment in DC. It’s probably the coolest thing in my whole wide world. Every day when I’m sitting at the office, I can’t hardly wait to walk two blocks, hop on the bus for a few minutes, and stroll up Meridian Hill to my new abode.

Having an apartment represents so much. More so than I did in college, I now truly feel independent. Having an apartment means being able to support yourself. It means you’re contributing to the economy. To me, it means you’ve made it.

I hope the thrill of city apartment living never dwindles. I love the hum of the traffic and the screech of the sirens. I love my diverse neighborhood with more cool restaurants than you could shake a stick at. I love the graffiti on the signposts and the kids playing ball in the street. I love watching the rain from the window in my living room.

So, to my seniors who are coming back to school for their fourth years in Williamsburg, let me just tell you one thing. Life gets more exciting from here. I promise.



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