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Wow. I haven’t blogged on here since October and, currently in the midst of finals, I cannot possibly find a nicer way to procrastinate studying for them. Let me fill you in on some of the things I’ve been up to.

Remember my last post? About the Peace Corps? Well, I got nominated! At the end of the interview, my recruiter said he would nominate me for a program (23 months) leaving in August 2011 for Latin America doing business and community development. He told me that with my background at William & Mary and history of involvement with NGO’s, that I would get the unique opportunity to work with an established non-profit in country. Needless to say, I was and am thrilled. This is the culmination of my career as a student volunteer. Who knows if, once my medical and dental forms are complete, that I will actually accept my offer. 23 months is a long, long time and I don’t know if I’m ready for that kind of drastic change… yet.

So why would I consider deferring or turning down my Peace Corps nomination? Because life is too interesting right now. I have too many life plans– maybe one or two different ones per week. This week, I either want to move to Amsterdam (I have a Dutch passport and Dutch citizenship) to live there for a year or two or I would want to be a touring background singer. Pretty distinct dreams, huh?

Most recently my passion has been a business that I’m going to start with my friend who graduated from W&M in 2009. We are planning to make record players. Yes. I said that. Record players. We think that in the world of instantly-accesible music, that some people will want to revert to the days of having a tangible music “collection,” one that you can hold in your hands and appreciate all the artist did to put together the album. Records and record players are a cool conversation piece and would provide value in the lives of our potential consumers, too. Currently, Crosley controls almost all of the market, and we want to compete. We’ll provide an entry-level record player with a sleek design, one that will establish the record player as a modern household fixture, rather than the vintage, antiquated product that Crosley currently sells. Be on the lookout for Sunshine Spinners, coming to a store near you (…we hope.)

Anyway, I’m stuck in Swem and just ate an entire medium flatbread bacon & onion pizza from Dominoes while writing this blog. Either I’m going to pass out from a food coma or keep studying for my exam tomorrow. The former looks like the better option right now.

Happy holidays! More blogging to come soon.


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