As I study for the MCAT, I can feel the test anxiety coming on. I feel like I am well prepared as a William and Mary student.  Pre Med students at William and Mary have a rigorous course load, but I feel like all the hard work will pay off soon. I am currently reviewing the chemistry section AGAIN. Trying to remember all those organic reactions like the alkenes, alkynes for example is taking some time.  For some reason, the biology is sticking and the chemistry is a little more complicated. Some of the science courses I took freshmen year like intro biology and general chemistry have become extremely important in my MCAT prep. Although I am not taking any prep class, I am using Barron’s and Kaplan’s review. Both study guides do an extensive review of chem, bio, and physics.

Currently, I have narrowed down my section of Medical Schools and Graduate school programs. Earlier this summer I went to visit Grad and Medical Programs in VA, DC, and NC.  I hope to have all my applications ready to go by the end of the summer, so my senior year can be as stress free and painless as possible.  It just hit me about a week ago that I am going to be a senior in the fall!!! I AM SOOOOO EXCITED!!!!!!

The countdown begins!!!! Aug 21st is the magic date!!!!!

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