There’s something special about tonight. Tonight I jogged from the Wren to the Capitol and back without stopping. I’m really proud of myself, but I still have a long way to go. Jogging has become my new favorite hobby, thanks to my wonderful interviewees! I realize that I have been missing out on so much and running through this quaint little town is one of them. I passed the Kimball Theater and vowed to go see a show there this fall.  I jogged pass the Bruton Parish Church, which traces back to the early to mid seventeenth century. This was especially touching because it made me reminisce about a Religious Studies course I took my freshman year. I was fortunate enough to have Professor Holmes and take a class in the historic Wren Building. I had the opportunity to explore historic churches across the state and research how many of them evolved throughout American history. What better place than William and Mary to examine these phenomena? Lost love. I loved that class and the memories propelled me to jog forward pass the old Apothecary and touch the door of the Capitol.

About half way back, the sound of a firing cannon startled me and I ran faster. My legs hurt so much. Yet, I just couldn’t remember a night like this one so I kept going. There was a drive within me to push harder under the stars of the night sky and to take in the night wind. There is something magical about Colonial Williamsburg at night that saddened me when I crossed the road back to the Wren. Reaching the Sunken Garden was dream-like and I vowed to watch the stars and just fall asleep there.  I contemplated a million things in the last few strides back to my dorm, everything from cross country service trips to writing my personal statements for graduate school. It’s a tough thing to  look back and in revelation realize that through the hustle and bustle of sorority projects and theses, you can miss out on the little, precious stuff.  I stopped on the porch, plopped down in one of those wooden rockers, and let a few small tears fall from my eyes.  It’s hard to believe that I have a little less than a year to continue to run these historic roads. There are plenty of uncertainties about the future, but I do know one thing for sure; I won’t look back May of 2010 and feel like I have missed out on anything anymore.

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