Insight and Squirrels

The Insight–

So it’s me again, sitting here in Jamestown study lounge trying to get things together for the future. That’s right, real life will surely come soon enough. Honestly, I really want to have a “life plan” to show my parents soon. You know the drill, things like a list of graduate school interests and applications, ideas of career paths, stuff like that. I am really happy that I have this internship because I’m realizing a lot. For example, the students I have interviewed so far have been seriously goal-oriented. The cool thing is that it’s not necessarily that they have a “career choice” in mind already, but rather, they are dedicated to their academic passions. I came to W&M with a love for literature of all types, poetry of all kinds and this love has flowered into an English Major. I guess that’s just what I hope for future students when I graduate, that they will have their academic and social interests flower into something that makes them proud at the end of the day.

The Squirrels —

Random…I was walking to my car from the Sadler Center earlier today and threw a piece of paper into the trash can. All of a sudden, a giant squirrel jumped out of the trash can and scared me to death. I screamed of course, startling several students nearby. What can I say? A day in the life! I wonder now if I could incorporate something about this incident into my tours. We’ll see. Tours have become one of my most favorite parts of the job. Introducing people to W&M, along with this quaint little town we affectionately call “the ‘burg” is really an honor. I’m constantly learning new things about the College, like the pirate story and the Wren Building, the significance of the phoenix, the impact of our famous alum and much, much more. Well anyway, I’m off to do some GRE practice…stay tuned!

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