Sunshine and Summertime

Happy summer readers!! I hope you are all enjoying your time off of school, work, or whatever your day to day might be. I’m sitting in my parents big comfy bed right now, surrounded by my script, monologue books, and pieces of paper with essay ideas on them. My dog is sitting right next to me dutifully watching the French open on TV. My parents are actually in France right now enjoying the tournament, so if you turn on your TV and see someone who looks like me but a little older, it’s probably my mom! Some parents have all the fun…but I digress.

Today marks the middle of the third week of summer break, not that I’m counting of course. In the weeks before I leave for Williamsburg to rehearse for my show in D.C., I have been keeping busy and staying focused, all while relaxing of course! I leave for Virginia on June 15th, and there is much to be done before then. Since I have been home I have been meeting with a trainer three times a week at the gym getting my stamina up for everything I am involved in this summer. It’s been really fun, but also super tough! I’ve taken up yoga, and am really enjoying myself. One thing I will have to take advantage of next year is “Beau-ga,” a yoga class taught at the rec center by my freshman hall mate, Beau Blumburg. I have also been dancing, taking at least two classes a week. It’s been so fun to put my tap shoes back on, and to get back into ballet. There is a dance heavy musical next year, and I want to be prepared to get a good part! I have been taking voice lessons and working with a dialect coach to perfect my British accent for another audition that is coming up.

I have also been researching graduate schools. At the end of the year I sat down with my advisor, who is wonderful and so helpful, and asked him what he thought about being a theater major and going to graduate school. He thought that it would be a good idea to apply and audition and see what my options are then go from there. I totally agree! The advisor/student relationship at William and Mary is incredible, especially when you declare your major. They are so helpful and so easy to talk to, I know that I will be going to my advisor for advice long after I graduate. So, in these past few weeks I have researched and compiled a complete list of where I’m applying and auditioning for grad school and what the dates are. Nothing like time off to be productive!

Other than that I have been enjoying the sunshine, playing with my dog, and visiting old friends. I’ll be in Virginia and D.C. soon enough to begin my first professional production, and I honestly could not be more excited! Woo hoo!

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