Sitting in PBK on a Saturday night is the cool thing to do…

Hello readers! Have you missed me? I’ve missed you. It’s been a quick couple weeks since I’ve been back at school and there is much to catch you up on. Not to mention the fact that I don’t have class on Friday which has allowed me to travel to places such as Las Vegas and back home to Chicago without missing a beat!

Since I’ve been back this semester I’ve been working hard with my AMP committee on different publicity outlets such as videos and different posters. I’ve loved playing roles such as Jenna Maroney in our “30 Rock” spoof that publicized different events, most specifically the fact that Judah Friedlander came to campus and performed standup. Hilarious. It is a truly incredible organization to be a part of, and I love getting the campus community to come out to our wonderful events. There really is WAY to much to do at this school, as you can imagine I’ve been busy!

I also had the chance to travel to Las Vegas to watch my friend, Miss New York, Alyse Zwick, and my other friend, Miss Virginia, Caressa Cameron, compete for the Miss America crown. What was an even bigger surprise was that my friend Caressa WON! Representing the state of Virginia she will serve as Miss America for the year of 2010. She will represent an organization that awards over 45 million dollars in scholarship money to over 14,000 young women nationwide. She herself, has won over 80,000 dollars in scholarship money this year alone. Pretty cool. A sorority sister of mine will also be competing for Miss USA, a different organization, this May. We wish her the best of luck.

Remember my post about running? Well, if you haven’t heard from the other bloggers or haven’t been watching the weather channel, then you wouldn’t know that it has been frigid and snowing here for the last couple of weeks. Today however, I was able to shed my long-johns as the temperature skyrocketed to 58 degrees. If I was still back in Chicago it would be grounds for a pair of shorts! I have had to restrict my running to the treadmill, but fear not! I will be headed outside tomorrow bright and early for a long run with my boyfriend. I’m sure he will beat me, as he always does, but it’s fun to race nonetheless! I’ll keep you posted as race day nears…dun dun dunnn.

As for this Saturday night? Well, you guessed it. I’m sitting in a dark theater in Phi Beta Kappa hall, the theater building, watching the tech rehearsals for the new main stage show, “Eurydice.” It is an adaptation by Sarah Ruhl, and I had the pleasure of doing the props for the show. As the props master I had the opportunity to work with design professor Matt Allar. He helped me to create and to gather different objects like suitcases, straws, books, and parchment paper. It has been a truly eye opening experience for me being on the other side of a production. What is the coolest part is that sitting next to me are the lighting designer, the stage manager, and some of the crew members. All of these people are students, not professors. So it is pretty cool to have been a student at production meetings, at rehearsals, and to be a part of the professional world of theater at such a young age. I will admit though, I’m sad I’m sitting in the audience and not up on stage, but it has been a incredible learning experience working with professors and my fellow students. I’m so happy to be a part of a department that allows its students to get involved in such a hands on way. Essentially, being the props master is the theater departments answer to undergraduate research.

So there you have it readers. I apologize for my being m.i.a. I promise I will be around more often! Enjoy the warmer weather…let’s all hope it lasts.

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