Imagine a perfect day in Williamsburg: sunshine, 75 degrees, all of your best friends having a delicious green beverage at the College Deli celebrating St. Patrick’s Day. Probably couldn’t get much better, right? It’s second semester senior year and life is amazing. WRONG. It DOES get better. On that fateful day I got a call from a specific 212 area code that alerted me of my acceptance to The New School of Drama to receive my Masters of Fine Arts in theatre performance. Getting this phone call was one of the most incredible moments of my life. Everyone was sitting outside on the porch at College Deli and they were completely silent while I took the call, once I told them I got in there was an absolute uproar in the restaurant and I almost felt bad for the person on the other end of the phone. But who cared? I just got into graduate school!

For those of you that don’t know, I spent the first four weekends of the semester traveling all over the country auditioning for different graduate programs at schools like Yale, NYU, Columbia, and of course The New School. I even auditioned for different summer festivals in hopes that I would have something concrete to do after graduation. I would not have had the confidence to go into my call back rounds for schools without the help of the professors in the theatre department at William and Mary. Their willingness to help me was outstanding. They would meet with me to go over major issues with monologues and even really simple things like finding the breath in a sonnet. I am in such debt to them, and owe the fact that I have a future, (at least for the next three years), entirely to them. I’m happy to announce to the blogosphere that I will be attending The New School in the fall. Hey, with an incredible reputation and recent alumni like Bradley Cooper and Jesse Eisenberg, maybe I have a shot at making some money some day! At least I’m in a position to do so now.

I’m writing this blog not only because it has been a while since I wrote to all of you, but also because just last week acceptance letters went out to students all over the world. I want to be among the first to say, “Welcome to the Tribe!” But I also want all of the new students to realize that even though I am leaving in just a few short months, you are about to embark on the journey of a lifetime. I can enjoy the acceptance into my graduate program just as you can enjoy your acceptance to the College of William and Mary. I honestly cannot believe how fast these four years have gone. But I can truly look back and say that I do not regret a single moment. I will cherish every excitement, let down, breakup, new friend made, good grade, (and bad), performance, rehearsal, learned line, and everything else in between. Because not only have I accomplished more than I ever thought I would in four years, I know that I will leave William and Mary proud of who I am and the woman it has shaped me into. Welcome to the Tribe new readers. I’ll write again soon!

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