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Giving Of One’s Hands and Heart

My last post was from a speech I gave about service, but this time I’m doing one better. Below Emma Merrill ’13 speaks to

What Will You Stand Up For?

With Day for Admitted Students coming up this weekend and graduation in about a month, I’ve definitely been thinking a lot about William and

The Admission Interns present … Day for Admitted Students!

Meet the Admission Interns in their film debut! The Interns are frantic as they rush to prepare the campus for Day for Admitted Students

Orientation? Hold up – what is THAT?

So, there’s this thing called Orientation. And training for it started today. And Briana and I decided we’d take a little late night stroll

Reminiscing about freshman year

Found some video clips from freshman year, so I put together a video summary. Watching these clips made me miss William & Mary oh

Under Pressure

The end of April is always crunch time. It’s when the entire academic year begins to dwindle down, and everyone is either running around

Welcome Class of 2015!

Check out the video below featuring current students here on campus to welcome you as the incoming class of 2015…We are so excited for

Giving Back to What Matters Most

I love the Class 0f 2011, and at over 50% participation in the Senior Class Gift already, we’re just getting started. Seniors: Give back

Putting my gratitude into words

It’s still difficult to thank William and Mary.