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Just Do You

As I’m sitting here in Swem for the fifth night in a row, procrastinating on a paper I should have started yesterday, I’m thinking

When the Real World Shuts Down

Walking through the streets of Washington, D.C. there is an air of uncertainty that permeates all that we do these days. This uncertainty is

The Trek to Blue Mountain Peak

The second weekend after arriving in Kingston, I joined three other interns who work in the office and their roommate on a hike to

Finding Your Light

Belonging. It’s the thing that defines us, controls us, consumes us and encourages us. It’s the reason that we push ourselves to be something

The Loan Repayment Game

Among the many complex paths of financial aid procedures, perhaps no other rivals the multitude of repayment options for student loans.  New federal legislation

Raindrops on Roses

Though I may not be singing about them during a storm while dancing through curtains as the governess of seven children, here are a

Giving Up and Looking Out

All my life I’ve been raised as part of a very Catholic family, in the best possible way. In today’s world, I suppose it’s

A Few of my Favorite Things

There are many intangible things in life that bring happiness: a pull-through parking spot, your favorite song coming on the radio, and finding money

The Year 2063

One of my favorite songs goes, “There will be a day with no more tears No more pain, and no more fears…” I often