The Kickball Game of the Century

I don’t think I had played a kickball game since about 4th grade…until last Wednesday.

It’s a summer intern tradition to challenge the Admission Deans to the kickball game of the CENTURY, so of course, we did. Oh, and previous summer interns — I really hope you’re reading this — our challenge took the cake for most creative! The deans said so hehehehehehe.

Team Interns

Team Interns

Taking advantage of the lovely Student Media Center in the basement of Swem, we interns rented out a video camera and spent an evening after work recording our masterpiece. Combining our superb amateur acting skills, some quickly learned aerobics moves, and a lot of “just wing it, guys!!” we have produced a gem.

The days leading up to the game, the interns talked a lot of talk. The deans talked even more. We secretly made matching t-shirts spraypainted green and gold with “Interns ’08” and sported matching intimidating black bandanas. We cockily took a lap around the office carrying a laptop blaring “We Will Rock You.” We even made our entrance by walking in one giant line across the Sunken Garden wearing our toughest looking shades.

Did we win?

Pshhh. Nope.

The deans have won every year, and this one was another for their egos. They may seem relatively tame in the office, but these administrators pack some mean home-run kicks and impressive outfield tosses. 🙁

But that’s enough admitting our defeat! We finished the night playing some “just for fun” innings and then headed to the Leafe for dinner with the entire office. Seriously. How many people have stories like this from their job???

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