This is a picture of my roommate, Hannah, and me at Jamestown Beach — a popular spot along the James River that’s just a 5 minute drive from campus. The day this picture was taken, we had spontaneously decided to grab some friends, grab some Subway sandwiches, picnic on the beach, and stay and watch that night’s lunar eclipse. It was possibly one of my favorite college adventures. 🙂

Now, I’ve been told that some company out there rates the roommate satisfaction levels at colleges throughout the U.S.

Me and Hannah

Me and Hannah

and that William & Mary consistently gets some of the highest ratings. In other words, we do a good job here of matching roommate pairs your freshman year. My experience completely agrees with this.

Hannah and I were randomly roomed together our freshman year, and we’ve been roommates ever since. We’ll graduate college having lived together all four years (minus the semester I was abroad, but who’s really counting?), entitling us to the famous 4-year roommate lunch with the president of the College, and you know what, we live together perfectly.

“Ok Hannah, no talking for the next 2 hours because I need to read.” “Carrie, whose turn is it to pay for the pizza delivery? If it’s your turn to pay, it’s my turn to run to the door to go get it.” “Can we watch Dirty Dancing Havana Nights for the thousandth time tonight?” “Let’s take a study break to vaccum.” These are all true statements made probably once a week in our room. Hannah and I have similar study habits, share a love of certain movies,we’re both neat freaks, and we both crave Domino’s pizza and Cinnastix at late hours of the night. We share clothes — I now own 2 pairs of her jeans and several of her belts, food, a juvenile obsession with the Clapper we installed in our floor lamp, gossip, secrets, and inside jokes.

And that’s what College is for: meeting people you aren’t sure how you’ll live without after these 4 years.

I love my roomie. 🙂

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