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Not in the mood to blog. Especially not in the mood to blog since I already wrote this once today and then my computer deleted it. Ughhhhhh.

Anyway, our list of suggested blogging topics says “living on campus,” so I decided to write about that. Here’s a short, sweet summary of my (will be) 4 years of living on campus.

But to preface all this typing, at William & Mary there is a unique attitude about living on campus. Here, students want to

Monroe Hall

Monroe Hall

live on campus. I’m not just saying that. Seriously. This isn’t the type of school where everyone’s goal is to stick out their freshman year in the dorm and then move off-campus as soon as humanly possible. It’s the norm here to live on campus all 4 years, and with the idea of community at the heart of everything William & Mary, it’s easy to understand why. You’ll be on campus when you take classes, eat, meet up with friends, attend concerts and other social events, study, and spend lazy days laying out in the Sunken Gardens, so your time on campus truly becomes a core part of your undergraduate experience. Additionally, William & Mary’s policy of self-determination means we make our own rules in our residence halls — we ourselves decide on our own quiet hours, guest policies, etc. Now see why everyone wants to live on campus?

And now, my dorm stories:

Freshman Year: Monroe Hall

What I loved: Ceilings so high I could stand up on my top bunk bed. Sweet attic lounge. Wawa so close I could see it from my window. Lots of lawn space perfect for sunning.

Sophomore Year: Unit G

What I Loved: Closest dorm to the Rec = 2 minute walk to work. Really really close to the Caf = yum. Fraternity parties at your fingertips — without even having to leave the building. Narrow, square-shaped hallways = lots of hall bonding.

Junior Year: Jefferson Hall

What I Loved: Central AC! Right across the street from the Marketplace and their delicious Chicken Caesar wraps. Awesome secret parking from houses on Jamestown Road. A 30 second walk to the Admission Office = ability to roll out of bed 15 minutes before I have to give a tour. 🙂

Senior year: Jamestown South

What I’ll Love: Everything about living in the brand-new dorms everyone calls the “Jamestown Hotels.” Need I say more?

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