So You’ve Been Assigned to Botetourt…

You just found out dorm assignments. Yay! But, you’ve been assigned to a dorm in the Botetourt Complex? Where even is that? Unless you’ve somehow made it to the back of campus on a tour or other trip to William & Mary, you probably have no idea where you are about to spend the next year. But, lucky for you, you’ve got this blog post that tells you, first of all, where it is and, second of all, gives you tips on how to survive Botetourt!

  1. Botetourt is near the Commons Cafeteria and near the Fraternity houses. This means you’re close to the Rec Center as well as food! Another benefit is how close it is to Swem and the Integrated Science Center. The Aromas in Swem is only a short walk to coffee to help you get through that late night essay. As well, you’ll be living near 400 other freshmen who are going through the same experience as you. So, you’re not alone in Botetourt!
  2. Small halls = close halls. One great part of being in one of the Botetourt dorms is how small your hall is. You won’t have trouble remembering names and faces, especially after orientation. Your hall is like your family within the larger William & Mary community. These people will be the ones you see at the end of the day and can share funny stories with about what happened on campus. They will likely be some of the closest friends you have during your time here!
  3. Take advantage of Lake Matoaka! There’s never another time on campus that you will live so close to Lake Matoaka and the trails that surround it. Make sure to check out the Bote-dock (the dock behind the dorms), and go kayaking/canoeing at least once. Bring a book or some studying down by the lake, and enjoy a peaceful and beautiful view.
  4.  Use the Zipcars! There are two cars that you can use parked right outside of Botetourt to drive around town. Signing up for a Zipcar account is easy, and you’ll be able to use it soon after! It’s nice to sometimes get off campus and realize that there is a town called Williamsburg around you waiting to be explored. Even if you only take it to Publix, at least you get to see some of the beautiful town around you!
  5. Bring fans! Botetourt is not air-conditioned so fans are going to become your best friend. Bring a few as there can never be too many. Come winter, these fans will not be as necessary, but it will be nice to have when March rolls around.
  6. Don’t eat at the Commons (or Caf as students call it) too much! There is a temptation to eat at the Caf for every meal because of how close it is, but that will lead to you getting tired of it. Make sure to spread your Caf meals so that, when you’ve been studying all day and are hungry, you don’t have to walk too far for sustenance. And make sure to check the schedule so you know when it opens/closes as well as to see what they’re serving!
  7. Enjoy your time in Botetourt! This is the only time you’ll be living somewhere where everyone else is going through what you are going through. Don’t be afraid to talk about your freshman experience (the good and bad) with friends on the hall because they’ve probably experienced something similar. As well, many upperclassmen have had the same experience as you having lived in Botetourt their freshman year that it becomes a great conservation starter. Botetourt is a special community that transcends freshman year and will give you stories for years to come.

So, are you ready to live in Botetourt?

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