Snow?….Okay, maybe not

One of my favorite stories to tell people is why I chose to attend William & Mary. And that reason starts off with a story about snow. Being from Atlanta, I have not seen a lot of snow (unless you count the Snowpocalypse of 2014 as we Atlantans call it!) So, when I began looking at colleges, I knew I wanted somewhere where it snowed. My parents laughed and told me that, if that was what I wanted, so be it, but we were only looking as far north as Virginia. Well, in my mind, anywhere north of North Carolina had to have a lot of snow, so I was fine with this. Little did I know that it does not snow much in Virginia either! But, my family made the trek to Virginia to tour colleges, and the last stop of our trip is (you probably guessed it) William & Mary! Even though I found out that day that it doesn’t snow much in Williamsburg, I still felt as though I had found my home. I was comfortable walking around campus, and the tour just confirmed what I had been feeling. Finding out that three US presidents had attended William & Mary? Great! Hearing about the opportunities to study so many different subjects? Even better! Knowing I would have the opportunities to study both in Washington DC and abroad? Amazing!

I applied early decision to William & Mary, and, upon acceptance, felt so happy to know I would be attending this amazing university. Everyday I have been at William & Mary since has affirmed why I chose to come here. From the opportunities I have had to study subjects about which I am passionate to meeting amazing people to even getting to play in the snow one day, there is no place I would rather be.

So, why William & Mary? The classmates I have gotten and will get to meet, the professors who are passionate in their subjects and share that passion with all of their students, the opportunities offered, and, of course, the snow are my reasons why.

What are yours?

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