Pastel Senators and their Aides

I’ve got to say that it’s been an “experience” for sure. Between having my Senator, the minority leader, clad in shades of pink and purple every day and laughing over political jokes that go way over my head with all the legislative aides on Fridays I’ll miss being in the General Assembly Building each week. I’m NOT going to miss the legislative aide or Senator coming in and whispering “Brian, go outside and talk to these absolutely NUTSO people about (insert blank topic I know nothing about)” and then run away before I can protest.

I’ll definitely be missing the W&M intern lunches that we have every day there and the FANTASTIC sandwiches at Coppola’s. I’ll also miss the bow ties…so many wonderful bow ties.

In all my time there I’ve learned a lot of things. I’m going to let you guys on the insider scoop, though. The SINGLE most important thing you can do in the Virginia General Assembly when interning for the Senate Minority Leader or any delegate for that matter.

The secret to success: give the secretary presents and smile like you know what everybody is talking about.

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