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If you don’t have classes, what exactly do you do during finals other than set up tents in Swem (no seriously, guys, I’m not kidding. I saw a mattress there this morning) and study your life away?

Well here are some of the things I’m up to this week!


  • Breakfast w/ my parents and my little brother in my fraternity
  • Holiday brunch organized for a group of my friends at a house off campus! Yum!
  • Honor Council meeting
  • Giving a tour to a family visiting campus
  • The Grand Illumination with basically everybody on campus! (It was amazing, per usual, for the record)


  • Breakfast to start the day off right at the Blue Talon (best coffee in the universe)
  • Shopping for neon clothing at Target with a friend  🙂
  • Meeting w/ Dining Services to set up a huge Charter Day dinner event for students on February 6th
  • Meeting w/ Senior Class Gift to discuss a fancy wine/cheese event for Seniors on Charter Day Weekend


  • Meeting w/ VP Student Affairs Ginger Ambler to discuss Strategic Initiatives
  • Meeting w/ Office of Publications for more Charter Day stuff and to discuss the coming online version of the College’s Encyclopedia TWAMPtannica!
  • Graduate Business students presentation to the College’s Planning Steering Committee on the 6 Grand Challenges in beautiful new Miller Hall (
  • Commenting on W&M’s 5 new mascot finalists! (
  • LMFAO/Shwayze/Paradiso Girls/The Far East Movement’s “Party Rock” tour concert in Norfolk, VA at the Norva with some of the bests for a much needed study break!


  • Honor Council Office Hour
  • A lunch hosted for the bloggers (yours truly!) by the wonderful people of IT!
  • A scholarship information luncheon hosted by the Charles Center for students looking to apply for the Fulbright Scholarship (drop: W&M has the highest per capita application/acceptance ratio for the Fulbright of any university in the US)
  • Professor office hours for a test on Friday!
  • Planning Steering Committee Subcommittee 3 (Lifelong Relationships) meeting
  • Study/Break Party in the Linguistics Lab hosted by my adviser, Dr. Anne Charity Hudley ( to celebrate the end of classes, organize ourselves for work on her National Science Foundation Grant, and celebrate the accomplishments of senior linguistics majors like Kira Allman, the College’s new Rhodes Scholar!


  • Interning for a couple of hours at the Virginia Senate Republican Caucus in New Town
  • HUGE study session for final on Friday!


  • Meeting w/ the Development Office to discuss the new College Birthday Party Tradition being planned for the night of Charter Day (Feb 6th) for the entire College community
  • Final Exam in American Legal Process (awesome class, awesome professor) from 2-5!
  • Helping a friend move some things from their dorm to the new dorm they’re an RA in during the spring

If you couldn’t already tell, finals aren’t the only thing going on during finals! With new mascot finalists, a Tribal Fever swelling for football and basketball, planning steering, and lots and lots of CW cider consumed, finals aren’t really that bad, after all.

Unless, of course, you’re sleeping in a tent in Swem library 🙂

Stay warm friends,


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