The “Random 25” Fad

So, I am sure almost everyone has either written or read one of the “25 Random Things About Me” lists that people are putting on facebook.  It never really ceases to amaze me how much facebook is the most influential social medium:  I’ve read random lists from friends from high school and even back from middle school.  Once you read one list you can’t help but read others, even if you resist writing your own.  Part of the intrigue seems to come from the fact that people find it easier to be more honest…even though lots of people might possibly be reading it.  As a reader, I love to find out things I didn’t know about close friends (even the ones that I’ve known forever) and hearing about people I haven’t had a chance to talk to in forever.  So far I haven’t given in and written a list of my own, however, reading other people’s had really got me thinking about what I might want to include if I were to generate my “random things”.  I’m not going to go all out and do a complete list of twenty-five, but I’d thought I’d do an abbreviated list now, just to give it a shot!  So here it goes:

My Top Five Random Facts:

1.  I love mornings!  I find it as hard as everyone else to get myself out of bed, but as soon as I do I’m awake and happy.  This is probably the reason why I actually like getting up around 7AM throughout the semester whether its to run, finish some reading, or get coffee before classes start.  Plus, it makes the days that I do sleep in even more worth it!

2.  I find music addictive and really believe that it is so varied and intoxicating that everyone can find a type of music that they connect to.  I am constantly impressed with the talent of the members of the group I sing with on campus.  Cleftos has become one of the most exciting and fulfilling thing I’ve done at this school and I look forward to the four hours a week I get to be with and sing with them.

3.  I’m probably the only 21 year old that I know that not only knows all of the Disney Channel original movies but has seen almost all of them as well.  I attribute this to the side of me that loves happy endings, and Disney channel never lets you down in this area!  I have a particular weakness for High School Musical!

4.  Running and biking are my stress releases and they are what keep me sane even when school work seems impossible.  I always wanted to be some cool soccer or volleyball star in middle school but I was always awful at those sports and picked up running by default because it seemed to be the only thing for which I had some natural talent.  I didn’t fall in love with it over night, but now its something I can’t live without.  I love running and biking with my Dad when I’m at home and I’m always happiest when I’m training for something.

5.  I have met the best friends imaginable at college and am so lucky to have been able to go to school with my sister, have a roommate who I’ve been best friends with since 7th grade, become so close to one of my sorority sisters that I couldn’t imagine a day going by without talking to her (and she’s coming home with me for spring break!), and spent last summer working with an intern staff made up of the most amazing people!

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