The Last Few Days:

The group of interns along with Dean Livingston and Dean Tripp went out to our final dinner of the summer last night.  We went to a great restaurant in New Town called Buon Amici where they serve great Italian dishes and fantastic pizzas.  It was great to sit around and talk about all the crazy, fun times we had this summer, but it also had a bittersweet feel to it.  It’s really hard to believe that the summer has gone by so quickly and our internship is only a few days from being over.  Even though we will all still be at school and be able to see each other, it somehow just won’t be the same not working together all-day, everyday.  We’ve all given a million tours and conducted countless interviews and in general had a fantastic summer!  While it’s kind of sad to think that that is all ending, move-in and the beginning of the semester always brings a ton of events and excitement.  I know we are all looking forward to getting moved in and set up in our new dorm rooms, houses, and apartments.  Not to mention the thrill of all the activity at the beginning of the semester is always something to look forward to!  One of the questions I have asked in my interviews all summer has been, What are you looking forward to most in your senior year?  When I think about this question myself, several things come to mind.  I’m really excited about all of the annual events on campus and getting the chance to make the most of them in my final year as a senior.  Some of these include Convocation, Homecoming, Home football games, formal dances, campus concerts, King and Queens, and the list goes on.  But more than this, I’m really looking forward to all the little moments that make the William and Mary experience such a great one.  I can’t wait for the random late night movies with friends in dorm rooms when we should all probably doing school work instead, or the afternoons on the Sadler Center Terrace drinking coffee from the Daily Grind and running into friends, and of course entertaining study breaks at Swem library!  All in all, there is a lot of things to look forward to as all the interns go into their senior year and we certainly will be making time for summer intern reunions dinners!

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